Saturday, April 25, 2009

Buhol-buhol, Bulol-bulol: I am Buloy

Buloy - a private name coined for me by my mama when I was 3 years old and became a name used by my sister to tease me then.
Why Buloy? I guess most, if not all, of our mothers coin names for us when we were little kids. Names based on what they perceived as cute for them but embarrassing for us. More often than not, these names would be used by our playmates then to tease us. I am very fortunate that mine did not.
There was this playmate of mine to whom his mom coined "Bayag" for him. Of all the names one can think of why this one? Poor kid for his mom did find it funny for he has a pair of big ones. Little did she know that her son had hernia. Good thing when we were lined up for circumcision, the doctor told Bayag's mom his condition. Ernesto (Bayag's real name) never heard his real name called out in the public, except during class roll call, unfortunately.
When I was 3, I could not pronounce words very well. Mama used to call me Bulol to notify me that I mispronounced a word. I always got irritated every time she calls me that.
One day when we were eating "kalamay" ( rice cake), I exclaimed that I do not like it. mama asked me why. I said, "...kasi malaykit po." Mama and my sister laughed and in unison said "Bulol!" I ran out of the kitchen crying out " Buloy! Buloy! Tayo Buloy!" . My mama came after me and comforted me ( she always do). She said, "Sige na tahan na bunso, hindi ka na bulol. Buloy na lang." Then she smiled and kissed me. I did find Buloy better. I did not know why. Perhaps because it has that "lambing sa dulo" effect. Hahaha!
From then on Buloy came to life. My Mama made it a point that "Buloy" remained private among the three of us in order that my playmates would not tease me and not put me in a fight.
Now, Buloy will be in the open.
You, my friends and guests will get to know who Buloy really is.
You will get to know all his travels, experiences, interests and skills.
Get to read his poems and short stories.
Know his juiciest secrets.
Learn his signature and experimental dishes.
Get a glimpse on how he perceive people, events and things.
Nothing special but a lot of surprises.
I hope you guys will learn a thing or two from my posts.
What is your "cute kiddie name"? Share it.
Please feel free to comment on everything here in.
Thanks and enjoy!

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